Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Toy Mouse

Nothing special just a small wooden toy to my daughter. 

I had a huge trunk of cherry tree, which was cut out from the garden last year. After several hours of sawing, finally I cut out a small block, and started carving a mouse shape. With chisels I made some rough work, but most of the work made by using knifes. 

When finished the carving it was sanded to have a smooth surface. The noose, mustache and eyes were burned with a piece of red hot iron. 

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Doll's bed

My daughter got a new a new toy doll for christmas. This inspired me to create a bed for the doll.

The sides and the legs are joined by a stub tenon joint. To create this type of joint was more difficult than I thought firstly.  The small legs can be cracked very easily. Anyway, lesson learned: no force at all should be used when working with small pieces of wood.

First test with the doll:

It does not have any varnishing, my wife will find out the final color or cover.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


Our family just have a puppy. She is Ilka, a little komondor:

When she grow up she will be a quite big dog, about 50 kg. This size of dog is not welcomed inside our house, but as the winter season is coming she need a place against rain and snow.

The doghouse project was accepted by the family. We asked the breeder about the recommended sizes of it and went to buy the lumber.

The design was quite simple it was almost a box, with a simple roof. This type of dog has a strong fur, so the doghouse did not required a special layout to keep the warm inside.

Firstly I created a rack.

Than the bottom and the sides were covered.

My daughter also gave me some useful hands.

Finally I covered and painted the roof. The sides just have some rape-oil, to not disturb the noose of the dog.

The house is still big for Ilka, but in the last 5 week she almost doubled her size.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


A long time without posts. My daughter is growing up, she left the cradle and started walking. While she is walking in the house she is trying to sit everywhere what is fit's her size. By now all of our paper boxes are compressed and this inspired me to create a stool for her.

The design is is quite simple, a hole on the top, dovetailed legs and one crossing bar to make it more stable. Here is the finished stool:

The accessories: